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April 12, 2013 - HANNOVER MESSE龙鱼养殖 2013 drew to a successful close on Friday.

4月12日消息 2013汉诺威工业博览会在周五画上一个圆满的句号。

Over the past several days, the world s leading trade fair for industrial technology has underscored its role as a key driver of the fourth industrial revolution, commented Dr. Jochen K ckler, member of the Managing Board at Deutsche Messe AG. Exhibitors and visitors alike have given this year s HANNOVER MESSE very high marks, particularly for its keynote theme of Integrated Industry , which highlights a硬度计的种类区分 sweeping trend towards cross-industry networking and integration.

在过去数天里,汉诺威工业展这一全球领先的工业技术展览会充分展示了其作为第四次工业革命关键推动力的角色。 德国汉诺威展览公司董事局成员Jochen K ckler博士评价道, 本届汉诺威工业展得到了展商和观众的一致高度评价,尤其是其 工业集成化 这一主题,突出了跨行业联和集成的全面趋势。

This year s HANNOVER MESSE attracted 6,550 exhibitors from 62 nations. As the strongest HANNOVER MESSE in the past 10 years, it fully met the high expectations placed on it by the industry, further consolidating its position as the world s premium showcase for industrial technology.


Our exhibitors addressed every conceivable aspect of the Integrated Industry theme and demonstrated the power of integration as the key to greater cost-effectiveness, product quality and sustainability, and thus to achieving that all-important competitive edge, remarked K ckler. The experts all agree that integrated approaches to manufacturing are going to have a sweeping impact on global industry over the next 10 to 15 years, and beyond.

我们的参展商满足了 产业集成化 这一主题的方方面面,展示了集成的力量这一实现更好的成本效益、产品质量和可持续的关键因素,并因此实现所有重要的竞争优势。 K ckler说道, 所有专家一致认为,制造业的集成方式将对未来10至15年,甚至更久以后的全球工业,带来广泛的影响。

Integrated manufacturing is both an opportunity and a challenge. This HANNOVER MESSE made it very clear that today s enterprises are determined to leverage the available opportunities. Our exhibitors will be spearheading the drive to bring the necessary breakthroughs to market, said K ckler.

集成制造,既是机遇,也是挑战。 本届汉诺威工业展说得很清楚,现今的企业下定决心抓住一切可利用的机会。我们的参展商将率先推动市场带来必要的突破。 K ckler说。

Dietmar Harting, Chairman of the HANNOVER MESSE Exhibitors Committee, was also delighted with the show. He said, HANNOVER MESSE 2013 has been a resounding success, and has demonstratively underscored its reputation as the world s No. 1 showcase for innovations. Under the rallying call of Integrated Industry , HA冷水江NNOVER MESSE exhibitors are forging ahead and laying the groundwork for tomorrow s production reality.

汉诺威工业博览会展商委员会主席Dietmar Harting对于展会的成功也很高兴。他说: 2013汉诺威工业博览会取得了巨大的成功,并进一步证明了其世界第一创新展会的声誉。在 产业集成化 的主题号召下,汉诺威于1978年大范围生产并投入市场以来工业博览会的参展商积极开拓进取,为未来的生产实际夯实了良好的基础。

HANNOVER MESSE also confirmed its pivotal role as an international hub for economic policy. This year s event attracted 发热元件very strong interest on the part of political leaders from Germany and around the world, among them many high-ranking officials from the European Union, noted K ckler.

汉诺威工业博览会亦证明了其作为经济政策国际枢纽举足轻重的地位。今年的展会吸引了来自德国和世界各地政治领导人非常浓厚的兴趣,其中包括来自欧盟的许多高层官员。 K ckler指出。

This year, Russia was featured as the show s official Partner Country. German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin opened HANNOVER MESSE 2013 on April 7 at a function attended by more than 3,000 invited guests. Russia presented itself as a major economic force and an attractive global trading partner. By means of close dialogue with industrial stakeholders from around the world, Russia used the fair to establish key partnerships for the future.

今年,俄罗斯是展会官方合作伙伴国。 4月7日,在3000多名受邀嘉宾出席的一个宴会上,德国总理安格拉 默克尔和俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔 普京宣布了2013汉诺威工业博览会的开幕。俄罗斯介绍了自己是一个重要的经济体和一个有吸引力的全球贸易伙伴。通过与来自世界各地工业参与者的密切对话,俄罗斯利用本次展会为未来建立了重要的伙伴关系。

Russia has showcased its considerable virtues as a forward-looking business partner with a vast range of solutions on offer. They have made excellent use of the many talks held at their stands as well as the various forums and special events to generate valuable l供电电池eads and forge new business alliances for the future, remarked K ckler.

K ckler表示: 通过提供广泛的解决方案,俄罗斯展示了其作为一个前瞻性贸易伙伴相当多的优势。他们充分利用在其展位上的众多会谈,以及各种论坛和特别活动,创造有价值的商机,并为未来开拓新的业务联盟。

With a total of about 225,000 attendees, HANNOVER MESSE 2013 matched its strong performance of 2011. The fair also attracted a high percentage of industry professionals and top buyers and decision-makers. One in every four visitors came from abroad, mainly from the European Union (50 percent) as well a手动调剂阀作为控制元件s from South, East and Central Asia (20 percent). The largest visitor contingents were from the Netherlands (3,500) and China (3,400), followed by India, Italy, Austria and Denmark.


The next HANNOVER MESSE will be staged from 7 to 11 April 2014.